Social Media Marketing has changed the rules of engagement in businesses today. Successful businesses are engaging with key target audiences through social media platforms. Businesses’ are also reaching industry influencers to grow their brands through social media. Our social media marketing consultancy works with you the business in creating a social media strategy to keep you ahead while adding to ROI. Our dedicated social media consultant will work with you to meet your business objectives through social media campaigns.


Social Media Marketing is effective and cost-efficient, a marketing tactic that encourages small businesses to convey marketing messages, thus creating the possibility of exponential growth in the message’s influence and exposure. Social marketing takes advantage of fast multiplication to send the message to thousands or millions of potential clients. Known as “creating a buzz”, “word-of-mouth”, “network marketing” or “leveraging the media”.

At AO Digital Agency we leverage every aspect of technology, by making use of every Social Media we have in order to differentiate our clients in the marketplace and to create a unique experience for each and every one of them. As a social media strategy business, we equip you with your social media for marketing strategy, editorial calendars, engagement plans, social media advertising, remarketing campaigns and measurable KPI’s. We work with other companies and directly with brands to ensure best practice is adhered to, using a variety of advanced tactics performed by social media marketing professionals to meet your overall brand objectives.


** Social Media Marketing – SMM **

  • SMM, Setup & Maintenance for 6 Months
    R850pm Facebook | Instagram
  • SMM, Setup & Maintenance for 6 Months
    R1250pm Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
  • SMM, Setup & Maintenance for 6 Months
    R1650pm Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Google+
  • SMM, Setup & Maintenance for 12 Months
    R2450pm Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn | Youtube


Social Media Marketing