Search Engine Optimisation

** Search Engine Optimisation – SEO** Increase visibility on search engines through Google compliance and website optimisation. Search Engine Optimisation is about optimising your web pages according to Google and other Search engines Compliance. Best practices and excellent user experience ensures optimal rankings, target traffic and higher conversions from search engine traffic. Your website is your biggest sales agent, therefore you need to ensure that not only does it remain visible, secure, and compliant, but that it is also optimised for maximum conversion.


It is effective and cost-efficient, a marketing tactic that encourages small businesses to convey marketing messages, thus creating the possibility of exponential growth in the message’s influence and exposure. Online marketing takes advantage of fast multiplication to send the message to thousands or millions of potential clients. Known as “creating a buzz”, “word-of-mouth”, “network marketing” or “leveraging the media”.

At AO Digital Agency we leverage every aspect of technology, by making use of every Search Engine Optimisation we have in order to differentiate our clients in the marketplace and to create a unique experience for maximum visibility online. As a Search Engine Optimisation business, we equip you with your Search Engine Optimisation for marketing strategy, editorial calendars, engagement plans, social media advertising, remarketing campaigns and measurable KPI’s. We work with other companies and directly with brands to ensure best practice is adhered to, using a variety of advanced tactics performed by Search Engine Optimisation professionals to meet your overall brand objectives.


  • SEO basic – Free with Website Design for 3months
  • Website mobile optimization with SEO package – R1250pm ex-vat
  • SEO Research, Setup & Maintenance for 6 Months – R1500pm ex-vat
  • SEO Research, Setup & Maintenance for 12 Months – R1200pm ex-vat

**Prices vary depending on the specific areas required ie local, national, regional and international.
An initial once off SEO set up fee of – R1200pm ex-vat is charged.**

An example of SEO

Search Engine Optimisation